Qcera was founded in 2000, for the exclusive purpose of creating and marketing the best possible FMLA and leave management solution for employers of any size. Qcera is dedicated to providing our clients with the best-in-class technology and exceptional customer service in order to maximize their federal and state regulatory compliance, while minimizing their risk in leave of absence administration.

Qcera’s expertise in FMLA and absence management is reflected in the depth of features and services that are available in our industry leading software – LeaveSource™. Offered as a web-hosted, software as a service application, LeaveSource™ significantly reduces a company’s total cost of ownership, because there is no software to install, no hardware to purchase or maintain, and no upgrades requiring internal IT support. Once subscribed, Qcera’s leave management system takes care of maintenance, support, and software upgrades. As a result, our clients are free to focus on running their business, while Qcera focuses on running the leave software and maintaining a client’s documented trail of FMLA compliance.

Qcera understands that when considering web-based FMLA compliance, reliability and security are of paramount importance to our clients. So we utilize backed-up and redundant systems, with first class hardware and facilities, in conjunction with a multi-layered approach to protect critical client information, by constantly monitoring, testing, and improving our application, processes, and systems, in order to meet the increasing requirements and challenges of business security.

With more than a hundred clients, administering more than a million employees, Qcera’s recipe for success remains the same: with main ingredients of honesty and integrity, focus exclusively on FMLA and absence management software, provide easily accessible, cost-effective and hassle-free solutions, constantly evaluate efficiency and effectiveness, when you have an option – do things right, when you have a question – do the right thing, embrace a culture of constant improvement, always be listening to clients, and always realize that our success is directly connected to the success and happiness of our clients.

Qcera’s track record for successful implementations of FMLA and leave management software solutions is rooted in its structured implementation project plan and methodology that has been proven over the years. We recognize that a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective program implementation is the foundation for superior quality, positive results, and long term success. And implementation does not end on the go-live date. We continue to provide support through the go-live date and until the customer is comfortable and competent to utilize the software. Also, our customer service HelpDesk is always accessible for client questions.

FMLA and leave management is a moving target these days, but ignorance is not a viable defense and considering that the average FMLA lawsuit costs employers $80,000 to defend, regardless of outcome, FMLA compliance seems a more attractive option. Our clients are and remain our greatest fans and promoters. It is our sincere desire to help as many employers as we can, through the churning cacophony of requirements related to absence management and FMLA compliance.


Corporate Headquarters:
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For more information:
Email: leaveteam@qcera.com

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