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Qcera acts fast to deliver solutions for Coronavirus Leave of Absence

Now, when you need it most, we supply insight shaped by twenty years of experience and expertise working with thousands of clients and employees. NEW LeaveSource® features help manage absences related to Coronavirus and enhance your HR team’s ability to care for your most valuable asset: your people.

New Solutions

We activated new solutions tailored to the new regulations in force now.

Planned and Prepared

We re-scheduled our team of leave management specialists to maintain work force effectiveness over the near term.

Peace of Mind

You get uninterrupted up-to-date service.

The Senate passed and the President signed into law the H.R. 6201, the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act”. The law becomes effective April 1, 2020, expires December 31, 2020. Click here to download a copy and view the Response Act.

Qcera – We supply Agile, Responsive Leave Management Service & Expertise.

LeaveSource® Streamlines Absence Management and FMLA Compliance

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LeaveSource® is FMLA Software and Absence Management Software developed by Qcera to simplify and streamline the complex process of complying with the Family Medical Leave Act.
The administrative burden of FMLA compliance can be complex, costly and if not done correctly can leave your company open to legal risk.

Choose the LeaveSource® Software Solution that is Right for Your Business

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LeaveSource® | Enterprise

LeaveSource® Enterprise is the industry leading leave management software that provides comprehensive administration of FMLA leaves.

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LeaveSource® | Express

LeaveSource® Express is a leave of absence management software that provides FMLA administration in a single, powerful web-hosted application.

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LeaveSource® | Entrust

Fully managed FMLA and leave of absence solution for employers. Streamline your process to drive efficiencies and reduce labor costs.

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Partnership Solutions

By bundling LeaveSource® and FMLA management solutions with your existing administrative offerings, you can provide an invaluable service to your clients.

List of Federal, State and Municipal Leave types that can be administered in LeaveSource

• Family and Medical Leave

• Pregnancy Disability Leave

• Paid Family Leave Paid Sick Leave (may require the attendance module)

• Family Military Leave

• Military Service Leave/ Veterans’ Leave

• Domestic Violence Victims’ Leave

• Blood/Bone Marrow/Organ Donation Leave

• Crime Victims’ Leave

• School Activities/Visitation Leave

• Jury Duty Leave

• Bereavement Leave

• Volunteer Emergency Responder Leave

• Firefighter Responder Leave

• Court Witness Leave

• Legislative/Political Leave

• Public Health Emergency (Quarantine/Isolation) Leave

Problems Solved

Powerful Absence Management Software that simplifies FMLA Compliance for even the most Complex Organizations.

Cost Effective

LeaveSource® – FMLA & ABSENCE Management Solutions that drive efficiency and Reduce the Cost of Labor.

Secure Data

LeaveSource® provides a Secure and Scalable Environment for quick access to your employee absence data.

Why LeaveSource®?

LeaveSource® software was created to turn the cost and potential liability of Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and state-related leave management regulation into an asset for covered employers of any size.

Accurate, compliant and consistent handling of employee leave management provides:

  • More productive employees
  • More efficient administrative personnel
  • Helps indicate employee leave abuse
  • Saves legal fees and hassles

Failure to comply with FMLA regulations opens the door for:

  • Malcontent and less productive employees
  • Potential for investigations and fines
  • Greater possibilities for leave abuse
  • Lawsuit expenses that average $80k per case

Latest News in FMLA Legal Compliance

Managing FMLA Compliance has never been this easy or affordable.

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