LeaveSource® Engage allows partners to resell, private label, or manage LeaveSource® FMLA and leave administration products for any number of client companies.

By bundling LeaveSource® FMLA and leave administration products with your existing administrative offerings, you are enabled to provide an invaluable service to your client companies, saving them time and money, while generating additional revenue for your own. LeaveSource® Engage is a technology enablement solution for any leave management service providers interested in partnering with Qcera, in order to utilize the web-based, feature-rich, and highly client-appreciated LeaveSource® software. Proper use of any LeaveSource® product ensures fair, accurate, and compliant FMLA and leave administration. After more than thirteen years of client recommended feature additions, the product has never been better.



Whether you provide the LeaveSource® platform to your clients, manage clients yourself, or offer the LeaveSource® Entrust solution with Qcera’s managed back office, we look forward to serving the needs of your clients, while helping you fortify your current position with them and building on that position to ensure the positive growth and longevity of your client relationships.

Accurate Record-keeping and Reduced Risk of Potential Litigations

Quick Time to Market

Implementation Training and Marketing Support

Private-label Branding and Company-tailored Solutions

Multiple Tenant Application

Fair and Accurate Administration

LeaveSource® Engage partners utilizing any LeaveSource® product will always benefit from features like: the centralized ability to manage all clients, implementation services for defining your system environment on LeaveSource®, implementation assistance for your first client or migration of existing clients, complete training for your service staff, flexible reporting capabilities, customizable workflow and communications, private-label branding and company tailored solutions, integration with other systems, and access to the full feature set at LeaveSource®.

At Qcera, our clients are our biggest fans and promoters. We fully understand that our partner’s clients are their greatest assets too. We intend to provide LeaveSource® Engage Partners with the best possible product, so that you can offer your clients the best possible FMLA and leave administration solution available. Such a solution will allow your clients to easily administer and comply with all federal, state, and even company regulations. The solution will also provide a quick time to market, complete implementation and marketing support, greater administrative efficiency, and a reduced risk of potential litigations.