Entrust combines LeaveSource® web-based software for leave administration, which is completely transparent, with Qcera’s experienced back end management team, freeing up a company’s leave administrator(s) to focus on face-to-face personnel issues. This hybrid arrangement keeps a company’s Human Resources department completely in the loop and frees up time for them to remain on top of all employee-related issues, whether FMLA, absence, disciplinary, payroll, scheduling, or any other.

office-worker 2According to clients, a regular concern of FMLA administration outsourcing is the “disconnect” that frequently occurs between employees and the company. Entrust avoids the disconnect, by supporting a company’s homogenous, hands-on personnel administration, while removing the time consuming back end administration of notifications, certifications, and mailings. Entrust’s transparent access for the administrator(s) ensures immediate and accurate status visibility of any employee. And automated alerts keep administrators apprised of any important or potential, conditions or situations.

LeaveSource® Entrust
For partners that want a turnkey solution that not only manages leave of absence record-keeping, but handles the paperwork.
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LeaveSource® Entrust
LeaveSource® Entrust was created by Qcera, Inc. to help employers of any size to achieve FMLA and state legislative compliance, while organizing, administrating, and documenting the entire FMLA leave administration process.

Family-on-the-beach 3Entrust can utilize any element or module in the LeaveSource® system and once the desired elements and modules are identified, pricing is based on a per leave basis. Any employee-generated FMLA leave request constitutes a leave, regardless of the outcome, and is completely documented accordingly. If a qualified medical certification is received for a leave request, all Qcera administrative activities occurring with regard to that leave are inclusive. As an example, if a medical certification is received for an employee’s leave request stipulating a one year period where the employee may be out intermittently three or four times per month, due to migraines, the thirty-six to forty-eight intermittent leaves that could occur would constitute a single leave.

LeaveSource® Entrust Features

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  • FMLA, State and company leave policies administered by leave of absence specialists
  • Electronic data upload of employee information to simplify data entry of leave requests
  • Employer has real time access to all leaves administered in LeaveSource Entrust
  • Timely eligibility determination based on length of service and hours worked
  • Consistent and uniform management of leave certifications
  • Coordination with disability carrier’s approvals and denials
  • Status communication through letters and emails to employee and employer
  • Return-to-work verification for extensions and changes in health conditions
  • Intermittent and reduced schedule leave management and tracking
  • Timely email communication to employers on employee leave status
  • Clear documentation of all events related to the leave administration
  • Leave management experts review the certification information for determination
  • FMLA and State leave administration supported by expert legal advisors

LeaveSource® Entrust

For partners that want a turnkey solution that not only manages leave of absence record-keeping, but handles the paperwork, too.