FMLA in Massachusetts is supplemented by state legislation requiring that all public sector employers and private sector employers with more than six employees, provide full-time, female employees, who have worked at least three consecutive months, with at least eight weeks of unpaid maternity leave. The same leave must be provided for the adoption of a child under eighteen years of age, or a disabled child under the age of twenty-three. Additionally, if the employer provides other types of temporary disability benefits, then they must also pay for benefits associated with maternity leave.

FMLA in Massachusetts has also been impacted by the June 26, 2013 Supreme Court ruling that gave individual states the right to define marriage. As one of thirteen states that have already decided to recognize same-sex marriage, effective immediately covered employers are required to treat all couples married in and living in Massachusetts exactly the same, with regard to the application of qualifications, requirements, and benefits of FMLA in Massachusetts.

FMLA in Massachusetts has and will continue to be impacted by federal and local legislation and the confusion it’s creating is not going unnoticed. However, DOL audits and investigations are on the rise and a flurry of large dollar judgments against non-compliant employers provide a clear indication that not understanding the law is not a valid defense for a FMLA lawsuit. Additionally, it was recently reported that the average cost to defend against a FMLA lawsuit is $80,000, regardless of the lawsuits outcome. So FMLA in Massachusetts is becoming big business.

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