Best Ways of Outsourcing FMLA Administration

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Outsourcing FMLA administration has become a frequent consideration of covered employers, due to a number of factors that have made keeping up with legislative changes regarding FMLA a job unto itself. Without an attorney on staff, many employers are feeling confused, overwhelmed, and more than a little concerned. Especially since the Department of Labor spelled out in no uncertain terms that they will be increasing the number and frequency of FMLA-related investigations, inquiries, and audits. And it’s been well publicized lately that legal defense for FMLA-related lawsuits is almost $100,000 on average, regardless of a cases outcome. So outsourcing FMLA administration has become more viable and cost-effective than ever.

Another reason that outsourcing FMLA administration has moved into the mainstream so quickly is the confusion created by a myriad of states that have chosen to supplement federal FMLA with legislation aimed at increasing benefits or coverage. Much of the state legislation speaks of a concurrent decremental application. The problem is and the confusion stems from the fact that in order to run concurrently, both laws have to apply, and in many cases the state law deals with coverage qualifications that don’t exist with FMLA. Care for a qualified domestic partner could be an example. Once again, outsourcing FMLA administration seems to be a quick and easy solution.

The number one reported problem with outsourcing FMLA administration is the employee disconnect that occurs when the company is out of the loop. Leave abuse and a lack of HR awareness seem to be an obvious result. Qcera saw this problem developing back in the late Nineties and created a solution that keeps HR involved in the leave initiation process, so that they can meet with the employee, take into account the overall situation, and address any supplemental issues that present themselves. Once the leave is initiated, HR has access to all employee statuses, but the professionals at Qcera handle all notifications, medical certification analysis, and ongoing communications with the employee through return to work. Outsourcing FMLA administration couldn’t be easier or more effective.

Outsourcing FMLA administration with Qcera’s LeaveSource™ Entrust service is the most efficient, compliant, and cost-effective solution available. Its’ administration service complies with all federal FMLA requirements, legislative requirements from every state, and even policies that are company specific. Select the LeaveSource™ Entrust tab for greater information or request a demo to see the industry’s best outsourcing FMLA administration in action.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software