LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

Management of absence has never been a simple task, but it is quickly becoming a major concern for many covered employers. Mainly due to the fact that the Department of Defense has announced plans to nearly double the frequency and number of inquiries, audits and investigations related to FMLA non-compliance cases. At the same time, reports abound that win or lose the average cost to mount a FMLA lawsuit defense is rapidly approaching $100,000. These are not the kind of numbers that allow anyone to look the other way. So efficiency and compliance have become key components in a covered employer’s management of absence.

The main difficulty reported about management of absence stems from the increasing layers of state legislation designed to increase federal FMLA benefits or qualifying “care for” coverage groups. Some states have already approved supplemental legislation that gives FML benefits to employees for care of a qualifying domestic partner, for example. And the Supreme Court put the definition of marriage squarely into the hands of individual states when they struck the definition of marriage, as unconstitutional, from the Defense of Marriage Act. So thirteen states and WashingtonD.C. must immediately handle the federal FMLA matter accordingly to the state’s definition of marriage with regard to the management of absence.

Confusion regarding the management of absence was anticipated by Qcera back in the late Nineties. So they set out to create a web-based software that would help covered employers navigate the churning waters of regulatory compliance, not only with federal FMLA, but also state legislation from all fifty states, and for good measure company-specific policies are also integrated into the company’s compliance system. Leave administrators need only stay on top of their daily worklist in order to remain efficient, compliant, and cost-effective with respect to the company’s management of absence.

Management of absence does not have to be an overwhelming or even concerning task. More than a dozen Fortune 500 Companies have found complete satisfaction with Qcera’s LeaveSource™ Enterprise software. Many smaller companies have found LeaveSource™ Express to be a quick and turnkey solution to compliance concerns. And LeaveSource™ Entrust provides an outsourcing hybrid that keeps HR in touch with employees through the leave request process and then takes care of all necessary back office administration, such as notifications, certifications, and ongoing communications through the employee’s return to work. Click on the “Products” tab in the upper navigation bar to review a particular product or request a demo for a test drive. Either way, you’ll be on your way to serious compliance solutions for management of absence concerns.