LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

Leave of absence management is becoming increasingly important to the upper management of covered employers concerned with 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act compliance. Recent reports released by the Department of Labor indicate intentions of increasing inquiries, audits, and investigations with regard to FMLA compliance. This new investigative interest combined with reports that the average cost to defend against a FMLA lawsuit is nearing the $100,000 level has a great number of employers concerned. These concerns have leave administrators scrambling to research and recommend qualified compliance solutions capable of assisting with leave of absence management.

The biggest problems with leave of absence management according to employers is the seemingly endless changes required by a growing list of state-sponsored legislation aimed at supplementing the benefits and/or coverage qualifications of federal FMLA. The recent Supreme Court decision finding the Defense of Marriage Act’s definition of marriage to be unconstitutional has immediately put additional responsibilities on the shoulders of leave administrators in at least thirteen states that have decided to recognize same-sex marriage. So a growing number of covered employers are urgently seeking cost-effective compliance solutions for leave of absence management.

But covered employers need not stress, because efficient, compliant, and cost-effective leave of absence management assistance has been available for more than thirteen years from Qcera. LeaveSource™ web-based software is utilized by more than a dozen Fortune 500 Companies who shared those concerns at one point. However, more than a million employees are on the rosters of companies that currently utilize LeaveSource™ every day, to be compliant with federal FMLA, as well as every state’s leave legislation requirements and even the company’s own specific policies. Regardless of a company’s size, LeaveSource™ has compliance solutions that eliminate concerns with leave of absence management.

Smaller companies will find LeaveSource™ Express to be a quick to implement and turnkey leave of absence management solution. Medium to large companies will find LeaveSource™ Enterprise to be a robust, scalable and fully-configurable leave of absence management solution. And companies looking to outsource their FMLA leave administration should consider LeaveSource™ Entrust, a hybrid solution that keeps a company’s HR department involved and informed. Click on a specific product tab for greater details, or the red button labeled “Request A Demo” to arrange for an in-depth examination of assistance options with leave of absence management.