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Necessary Features for Leave of Absence Administration

Leave of absence administration is receiving tremendous scrutiny from company executives lately, most probably due to daily news reports of six to eight-figure FMLA lawsuit settlements and the announcement by the Department of Labor that they intend to substantially increase fines, investigations, audits, and inquiries over the course of the next year, as it applies to FMLA compliance. The news is generating a great deal of interest and anxiety for covered employers who report being confused by federal and state requirements with regard to leave of absence administration.

Requirements for leave of absence administration seem to get most confusing in the areas of state legislation overlap. Many states already have or are attempting to create legislation that gives greater benefit or coverage to employees, than provided by federal FMLA. The striking by the Supreme Court of DOMA’s marriage definition has left its determination in the hands of the individual states. Thirteen of the states have laws recognizing same-sex marriage. Covered employers in those states need to apply the law correctly and immediately or face the consequences. Some of the states provide benefits for domestic partners. A lot of state legislation’s delineate that their laws run concurrently with federal FMLA, but in the case of a domestic partner, for example, that’s not possible because that relationship isn’t recognized under federal FMLA. Without an attorney on staff, some employers are getting frustrated with leave of absence administration.

But leave of absence administration doesn’t have to be a cacophony. Covered employers don’t need an attorney on staff to comply with FMLA. And FMLA doesn’t necessarily have to be a four-letter word! Qcera saw this problem developing before the turn of the century and set out to create a web-based application that would assist the leave of absence administration in any company to be timely, efficient, and cost-effective. For more than thirteen years, Qcera’s LeaveSource™ software has provided seamless compliance assistance to covered employers for federal FMLA regulations and all state legislative requirements, as well as company-specific policies applicable to leave of absence administration.

Empower your leave of absence administration to be their best. LeaveSource™ Express was designed to be a quick to implement, turnkey leave administration solution for small businesses. LeaveSource™ Enterprise is the fully-configurable flagship, that is scalable to businesses of any size and LeaveSource™ Entrust is the outsourcing hybrid designed to keep administrators in contact with employees, but freed up from the back office drudgery of notifications, communications and certifications. Check out the product that best suits your needs, or select “Request A Demo” to see the software in leave of absence administration action.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software