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Necessary Features for Leave Management Systems

Leave management systems are something that every covered employer is looking into recently. Seven and eight-figure FMLA lawsuit judgments, a hundred thousand dollar average price tag for FMLA lawsuit defense win or lose, and Department of Labor reports of increased fines and a planned doubling of audits, inquiries, and investigations over the course of the next twelve months has employers scrambling for viable solutions. And great success is available with properly selected web-based leave management systems.

A critical element to look for in leave management systems is seamless and timely updating that keeps your leave team ahead of and handles not only federal FMLA, but also any applicable state legislative requirements, and while your at it, any company-specific policies. The Supreme Court’s overturning of DOMA has put the official definition of marriage into the hands of individual states. That means that covered employers in WashingtonD.C. and the thirteen states recognizing same-sex marriage must immediately and correctly handle these FMLA modifications, or suffer fines and potential lawsuits. So compliance with appropriate leave management systems make sense.

Leave management systems have been the exclusive focus of Qcera Inc. for the past thirteen years. Their LeaveSource™ web-based software is successfully utilized by no less than thirteen Fortune 500 Companies and its client base administers more than a million employees. The fact that they’ve managed leaves and utilized the software themselves, over those years, has enabled them to create and add useful and user-friendly features that competitors may never think of, let alone incorporate. Qcera clients have also been a big part of the feature enhancement story. Which could be why clients remain the greatest promoters and fans of Qcera’s leave management systems.

Qcera has three leave management systems. LeaveSource™ Express is a turnkey leave administration system specifically designed for company’s with under a thousand employees and only a single leave administrator. LeaveSource™ Enterprise is the fully-configurable flagship that is completely scalable and able to accommodate a business of any size. LeaveSource™ Entrust was designed to be an outsourcing hybrid. It allows a company to maintain the critical employee contact where the eave is initiated, thereby eliminating outsourcing’s number one problem of “employee disconnect.” It allows HR to have constant leave status reports on any employee, but it removes all of the back office duties, like certifications, notifications, and ongoing leave communications. Select the appropriate product tab for more information, or “Request A Demo.” But don’t leave without a LeaveSource™ leave management system.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software