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Necessary Features for Leave Management Software

Leave management software has become an invaluable business tool, particularly since a recent rash of judgments against non-compliant employers has reached the six figure level on a more and more frequent basis. For more than fourteen years, Qcera’s LeaveSource™ web based leave management software has led the industry in ease of FMLA compliance. It’s simple to use, provides a comprehensive audit trail, and automatically updates and adjusts for modifications made to federal and state laws.

LeaveSource™ leave management software was created to provide a FMLA compliance solution for employers with fifty to more than fifty thousand employees. The Qcera mission statement mandates that our company goal is to make every client a reference. A fourteen year track record of success remains unblemished, due simply to a superior leave management software product, world-class customer service, and a burning desire to remain the best in a critically important American niche market.

Not only can LeaveSource™ leave management software help your company to avoid DOL investigations, fines, and employee lawsuits, but custom reporting can be utilized to help to identify areas for improvement, non-effective procedures, and areas of FMLA abuse. All LeaveSource™ leave management software solutions provide: automatic legislative updates and application of state leave laws, integration and application of specific company policies, instant eligibility determination, and automated calendaring based on type of leave.

LeaveSource™ Entrust administration service allows Qcera to utilize LeaveSource™ leave management software on your company’s behalf and manage the back office, while being completely transparent to your HR, who is now freed up to attend to the management of personnel issues. The service is available to all clients, but it is especially attractive for employers with fifty to five hundred employees. Click here for further information on the Entrust administrative service. Employers with less than a thousand employees click here to review LeaveSource™ Express leave management software. Employers with more than a thousand employees click here to review LeaveSource™ Enterprise leave management software.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software