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Necessary Features for HR Absence Management

HR absence management is becoming a more critical component of any covered employer’s business operation as of late. Much of the concern stems from nightly news reports referring to the announcement from the Department of Labor regarding plans to continue increasing the frequency and number of annual inquiries, audits, and investigations related to FMLA. The brunt of this very important responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the company’s HR absence management team.

A covered employer’s HR absence management ensemble has their work cut out for them by the growing pile of state legislation being enacted to supplement either the benefits of federal FMLA or the coverage range of qualified relations. Confusion frequently appears, especially in cases where state and federal coverage appear to overlap. And the Supreme Court’s striking of DOMA’s marriage definition has left that new definition responsibility up to the individual states. Thirteen states have laws recognizing same-sex marriage and proper FMLA application of that recognition becomes the immediate responsibility of a company’s HR absence management group.

Many company’s have chosen to empower their HR absence management team with Qcera’s web-based LeaveSource™ software. LeaveSource™ is currently being utilized by thirteen Fortune 500 Companies and more than a million employees have their leave administered by companies utilizing LeaveSource™. The reason is simple. LeaveSource™  provides a company’s leave administrators with a daily worklist, timely alerts, and prepares all necessary communications and notifications. And it does all of that, while seamlessly achieving compliance with all federal FMLA, state, and company-specific policies and requirements. Choose to equip your HR absence management team with the best assistance available.

Empower your HR absence management group to be administratively efficient, legislatively compliant, and company-wide appreciated for providing employees with efficient service at a time that is typically stressful, or at least totally involving. LeaveSource™ Express is a turnkey administrative solution for company’s with under a thousand employees. LeaveSource™ Enterprise is scalable and fully-configurable to assist a company of any size. LeaveSource™ Entrust keeps you HR absence management in touch with employees at the time of leave initiation and allows them to check an employees leave status at any time, but removes all the back office responsibilities, such as notifications, communications, and certifications. Get further information by clicking on a product tab, or “Request A Demo” to see how efficient you can make your HR absence management team.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software