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Necessary Features for FMLA Tracking System

FMLA tracking system usage is on the rise, most probably due to recent large dollar settlements that have cost some employers dearly. Specifically, those who had previously not taken the 1993 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requirements and penalties seriously. FMLA requires employers to follow guidelines regarding the handling of employee leave. The Act spells out specific timelines, reporting, and documentation procedures, as well as the potential for investigations, fines, and litigation if requirements are not appropriately acknowledged and adhered to.  Implementation of a FMLA tracking system can be quick and very inexpensive, particularly when compared to the potential liabilities for non-compliance.

Qcera’s full line of LeaveSource™ web based software provide a full-service FMLA tracking system. The Express software program can be utilized by companies with a thousand employees or less. The Enterprise software version serves companies with more than a thousand employees and can provide optional modules that integrate administration tracking for; disability case management, advice to pay management, and/or ADA job accommodation management. We’ll train your staff to handle the administration with these FMLA tracking system software programs, or you can utilize our Entrust administration program, which was created to provide the added luxury of complete back office paperwork administration.

Regardless of the LeaveSource™ FMLA tracking system you decide to engage, our outstanding customer service is what has propelled Qcera’s FMLA software and service to the top of the FMLA tracking system industry. Many companies have tried to offer similar software and service, but after fourteen years of operation, no one has come close to equaling the outstanding track record of success enjoyed by Qcera’s client list. Non-compliance can prove to be very expensive and LeaveSource™ makes FMLA compliance easy and affordable.

If you would like to review and compare the features of our LeaveSource™ FMLA tracking system product line, click here. We’ll be happy to arrange a demonstration for you, but make sure to go with LeaveSource™ to be assured you’re getting the best FMLA tracking system available today.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software