LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

FMLA leaves are being more closely scrutinized by business owners than ever before, due most probably to a succession of large dollar judgments handed down to covered employers deemed to be out of compliance with FMLA regulations. These reports combined with the Department of Labor announcement that they plan on nearly doubling the number of FMLA investigations and audits over the next twelve months have sent a shudder through the business community. Employers are speaking with their administrators on the clear cut procedures necessary when handling FMLA leaves.

The greatest confusion involving FMLA leaves can be traced back to the different pieces of legislation generated by individual states, as they attempt to add to the coverage and benefits of federal FMLA. These supplemental and sometimes overlapping state initiatives, combined with the Supreme Court’s ruling to disallow the marriage definition of “one man and one woman” as described in the Defense of Marriage Act have released a maelstrom of confusion for covered employers. But confusion is not and will never be a viable defense for the improper handling of FMLA leaves.

When it comes to the handling of FMLA leaves, there is a clear-cut choice available to covered employers that ensures administrative efficiency, timely and consistent application, and total compliance with all FMLA federal, state, and company-imposed policies. Qcera’s LeaveSource™ software was created more than thirteen years ago in order to assist the leave administrators with FMLA compliance by; providing the administrator(s) with a daily worklist of required activities, preparing notifications and communications, and generating alerts when limits are exceeded or planned activities become late. A solution is available for the proper handling of FMLA leaves.

Appropriate handling of FMLA leaves can be achieved for small companies with LeaveSource’s turnkey Express product. Larger companies will choose to utilize the robust standard reporting, additional service modules, and fully configurable facilities of LeaveSource™ Enterprise. Request a demo for an in-depth view of LeaveSource™ web-based software capabilities, or to acquire more written information, click on one of the product tabs whose description best describes your company or its needs in handling FMLA leaves.