LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

FMLA law has become a popular topic among employers recently, due most probably to a flurry of news articles highlighting the large judgments levied against covered employers who were determined to be non-compliant with FMLA law. Another batch of business news brings attention to the Department of Labor’s release, regarding their plans to nearly double the number of FMLA investigations and audits, over the course of the next year. Attorney’s seem to be making out well in all of this, but concern for employers is building over compliance with FMLA law.

There is no doubt that FMLA law has become very confusing recently, due to the mounting legislation provided by states, intending to increase the benefits or coverage of federal FMLA. In addition, the Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate the Defense of Marriage Act’s “one man and one woman” definition of marriage, has left that determination up to the states, on an individual basis. So more and more attention is being required of leave administrators, in order to ensure the appropriate application of state and federal FMLA law.

The confusion surrounding FMLA law was a major contributing factor thirteen years ago, when Qcera Inc. decided to create LeaveSource™ software and provide covered employers with efficient and cost-effective compliance solutions. Thirteen Fortune 500 Companies are among the Qcera clients currently utilizing LeaveSource™ software to administer leave for more than a million employees, on a daily basis. The LeaveSource™ system seamlessly incorporates and provides for all state legislative requirements, federal FMLA, and even company-specific policies. Choose not to fall victim to FMLA law.

FMLA law is easily tamed by LeaveSource™ Express for smaller businesses and equally so for larger companies with LeaveSource™ Enterprise. LeaveSource™ Enterprise also has optional modules for; advice to pay, ADA job accommodation tracking, disability case management with guidelines, and employee/supervisor self-service. Laws are created to provide protection, order, and compliance. And that’s exactly what LeaveSource™ delivers. Request a demo or to get more information, select the product tab that best describes your company based on the description above. It’s never been so easy to comply with FMLA law.