LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

FMLA for employers sounds like an oxymoron. Most covered employers would not hesitate to tell you that FMLA; is for employees, is confusing, and is expensive. FMLA for employers has become a moving target and failure to hit it precisely can result in audits, fines and lawsuits. A recent Supreme Court decision struck down the definition of marriage presented by the Defense of Marriage Act. This in turn put the definition of marriage directly into the hands of individual states, which had an immediate effect in the thirteen states that recognize same-sex marriage. It almost seems that companies now need an attorney on staff to interpret FMLA for employers.

FMLA for employers becomes even more convoluted, when you consider all of the states that have created legislation intended to supplement federal FMLA benefits or coverage. In the absence of legal counsel, it’s recommended that employers provide employees with the “greatest benefit.” But that can be hard to do, when you’ve got a business to run. Recent seven and eight figure judgments underscore the potential liability of non-compliance with FMLA, as does business news reports regarding the Department of Labor’s plans to substantially increase the number of annual FMLA-related investigations and audits. More scrutiny is what FMLA has for employers.

But benefits are available from FMLA for employers. Efficient and compliant leave administration has been shown to reduce leave abuse, increase company morale, and increase employee productivity. LeaveSource™ web-based software was created by Qcera more than thirteen years ago to provide an administrative solution that seamlessly handles FMLA requirements, all state requirements, and even company-specific requirements. All a leave administrator needs to do is take care of their daily worklist assignments, in order to be timely, efficient, and completely compliant. There are solutions to FMLA for employers.

FMLA for employers is a benefit if you ask any of Qcera’s LeaveSource™ clients. Their leave administration success is well-documented and clients tend to be Qcera’s greatest fans and promoters. LeaveSource™ Express is the turnkey solution for small businesses. LeaveSource™ Enterprise provides administrative efficiency for larger companies and LeaveSource™ Entrust is a popular outsourcing hybrid that allows a company’s HR to keep the personal touch. Click on a specific product tab below or the “Products” tab above for more information, or feel free to “Request A Demo.” But choose one and start receiving the benefits of FMLA for employers.