LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

FMLA employer is a term, referring to a group of people who are probably feeling somewhat dazed and confused, in light of a barrage of recent large dollar judgments awarded to employees who successfully sued their FMLA employer for some form of non-compliance. The confusion can be traced to a number of sources, but suffice it to say, that neither confusion nor ignorance can provide a successful defense in a court of law. And recent news that the cost for FMLA lawsuit defense is ranging between $80,000 and $100,000 regardless of outcome, is not providing any comfort to the typical FMLA employer.

If you’re a FMLA employer and you’re concerned or confused by state legislation adding to the cacophony of FMLA employer requirements, then you should look into the leave administration solutions provided by Qcera’s LeaveSource™ web-based software. There is certainly no doubt that confusion can be caused by the application of state laws intended to supplement or enhance the benefits of federal FMLA. The recent Supreme Court ruling to do away with the marriage definition provided by the Defense of Marriage Act, now leaves that determination up to individual states and the responsibility to handle it correctly, falls directly on the FMLA employer.

A small FMLA employer can find successful assistance with this regulatory nightmare, by utilizing the turnkey solution and quick implementation provided by LeaveSource™ Express software. Companies having multiple leave administrators, employing more than a thousand, or needing additional modules, in order to assist with; employee/supervisor self-service, advice to pay, disability case management, or ADA job accommodation tracking, will find the fully-configurable and scalable LeaveSource™ Enterprise to be the ultimate leave administration solution for the FMLA employer.

FMLA employers interested in utilizing a leave administration outsourcing hybrid are encouraged to look into LeaveSource™ Entrust. It’s a hybrid, because it allows your HR department to maintain employee contact and submit the initial leave request. This permits the avoidance of the most commonly reported problem with total leave administration outsourcing, which is “employee disconnect.” HR remains in the loop and has complete access to any employee’s leave status, but all back office administration is handled by the experts at Qcera, including notifications, certifications and communications, right through the employees return to work. Look into the product best suited for your company or request a demo, but choose to be a proactive FMLA employer.