LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

FMLA employer rights are quite slim. As an example, if an employee was replaced or their position was restructured to accommodate the employees absence, upon return to work the employer has the right to return the employee to a different position, provided it is an equivalent position with equivalent benefits, pay and other terms and conditions of employment. The employer also has the right to determine the 12-month leave year method to be applied and utilized for all employees. Essentially, FMLA employer rights are to be compliant with all FMLA regulations.

However, truly important FMLA employer rights can be realized by utilizing Qcera’s LeaveSource™ web-based, leave administration software, such as the right to leave administration efficiency, the right to reduced exposure to legislative compliance liability, and the right to treat employees in a consistent, timely and compliant manner when they request FMLA leave, which typically results in more appreciative, more loyal, and more productive employees. Thirteen Fortune 500 Companies are among Qcera’s clients, who currently administer leave for more than a million employees. FMLA is not required to be a four-letter word. Take advantage of FMLA employer rights.

FMLA employer rights are enhanced by LeaveSource’s automated handling of requirements presented by federal FMLA, supplemental state laws, and even company specific policies. All a company’s leave administrator needs to do is handle their daily assigned worklist, in order to be in complete compliance with all necessary requirements. The LeaveSource™ system provides daily task assignments, prepares all necessary correspondence, and maintains the required audit trail. Don’t be a victim, make the best of FMLA employer rights.

LeaveSource™ makes the best of FMLA employer rights for companies of any size. LeaveSource™ Express is a quick to implement and turnkey solution for small businesses with a single leave administrator. LeaveSource™ Enterprise exercises the rights of companies; with more than a thousand employees, more than a single leave administrator, or needing additional modules to assist with disability case management, employee/supervisor self-service, ADA job accommodation tracking, or advice to pay. LeaveSource™ Entrust is a cutting edge, outsourcing hybrid that combines LeaveSource™ software with the experienced back office administration of Qcera, but allows the leave initiation to stay with the company’s HR department, so they don’t experience “employee disconnect,” the number one reported problem with outsourcing. And HR maintains access to any employees status. Request a demo or get further information by clicking on the appropriate product tab based on the product descriptions above, but make the choice to enhance your FMLA employer rights.