LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

FMLA compliance system is a concept weighing more heavily on the minds of employers recently, particularly in light of six-figure judgments levied against employers found to be non-compliant with legislative mandates. And many states have joined the legislative bandwagon adding to the potential confusion for compliance. But ignorance is not a realistic defense, so an effective FMLA compliance system seems to be the simple and far less expensive solution.

Qcera, Inc. came into existence in 2000, with the sole purpose of providing the most robust, effective, and expandable FMLA compliance system available. Offered as a web-based software as a service, LeaveSource™ Express software was created to help employers with less than a thousand employees and a single leave administrator to manage an effective FMLA compliance system very quickly, easily, and with the appropriately documented audit trail required.

Qcera’s LeaveSource™ Enterprise software was created for larger employers, or smaller employers with more than a single administrator, or in need of additional assistance with ADA job accommodation, disability management, or employee/supervisor self service, to serve as a FMLA compliance system. The system organizes and automates, keeping administrators on task, on time, and in compliance. Scalable to any size company, LeaveSource™ Enterprise works with administrators to provide a complete FMLA compliance system.

LeaveSource™ FMLA compliance system solutions begin with Express, are scalable to any size and need with Enterprise, and culminate with LeaveSource™ Entrust which provides LeaveSource™ software in combination with Qcera back office management. Unlike traditional FMLA administration outsourcing, which according to many business studies, frequently causes a “disconnect” between the company and the employee. Entrust provides a company’s administrators the time necessary to focus on and handle personnel issues, while having complete system transparency, yet none of the paperwork management responsibilities. In other words, LeaveSource™ provides the ultimate FMLA compliance system. The only question is which solution is right for you?