LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

FMLA absence is something being scrutinized by business owners more frequently lately. It could be a result of business articles discussing the Department of Labor’s recent report of their intention to nearly double the number of FMLA audits and investigations over the next year. On the other hand, it could be the legal news that FMLA lawsuit judgments are reaching eight figures on a more frequent basis. And certainly, no covered employer could feel good about reports that the cost of FMLA lawsuit defense is approaching the $100,000 mark, regardless of a suits outcome. Yes, it’s no wonder that FMLA absence is becoming more of a concern.

FMLA absence is a part of life and FMLA was brought into being for the benefit of both employees and employers. Granted, that a great deal of the burden falls squarely on the shoulders of the employer, but qualified FMLA absence is an employee right. It’s also true, that if an employee has an easy experience with the leave process, due to administrative awareness, efficiency, and compliance, that the employee is much more likely to respect the company, appreciate administration, and maintain a good work ethic. In other words, a well conducted leave experience can go far to limit or even eliminate FMLA absence abuse.

Proper handling of FMLA absence and regulatory compliance were the cornerstones that caused Qcera Inc. to create the LeaveSource™ product line, more than thirteen years ago. LeaveSource™ web-based leave administration software empowers leave administrators to be efficient, consistent, and compliant with all federal and state legislative regulations, in addition to any company-specific policies. Completion of a leave administrator’s daily worklist ensures the timely, complete and compliant handling of a company’s leave requirements. More than a hundred Qcera clients, who administer more than a million employees, utilize the LeaveSource™ system every day to successfully administer FMLA absence.

Don’t let FMLA absence be a negative with your company. LeaveSource™ Express allows small companies to become compliant quickly and easily. Larger companies with multiple leave administrators will find success by utilizing the LeaveSource™ Enterprise software product. LeaveSource™ Entrust is an outsourcing hybrid that combines LeaveSource™ software with the professional back office management service of Qcera. This service allows your company’s HR to meet with employees and initiate leaves, while removing the back office burden of duties including notification, medical certification analysis, and communications through the employees return to work from FMLA absence. “Request A Demo” if you’d like to see the application in action.