LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

Employee leave of absence has become an important topic in the minds of many covered employers. Daily news reports talking about the Department of Labor’s announced intention to continue increasing the number of FMLA audits and investigations has created some serious concern. Reports of FMLA lawsuit awards topping $10,000,000 has done nothing to alleviate those concerns and indications that FMLA lawsuit defense costs are rapidly approaching the $100,000 level, regardless of the case’s ultimate decision, have created a frenzy of discussion, regarding the compliant handling challenges of employee leave of absence.

Open employee leave of absence cases have reached 40% in some very large companies, which is frequently a sign of ineffective leave administration, resulting in higher than normal leave abuse. Many suggest that the confusion caused by overlapping state legislation has a lot to do with some of these statistics, but needless to say, confusion is not a valid defense. That’s why the leave administration solutions provided by Qcera’s LeaveSource™ product line have become such a popular and effective choice. FMLA was created to be beneficial to both employees and employers. Properly handled, your company can make a positive out of employee leave of absence.

LeaveSourc™e web-based software handles employee leave of absence in the most timely, consistent, and compliant means possible. Leave administrators are empowered to be timely and efficient, by staying on top of their daily worklist. All state, federal, and company policies are integrated directly into the system, such that leave administrators only need to keep up with daily task assignments in order to be compliant with all regulatory and company-specific requirements, regarding employee leave of absence.

One of the best controls for employee leave of absence is information. And the robust standard reporting capabilities of the LeaveSource™ system provide the kind of information that empowers your leave administration to be proactive instead of reactive. Smaller companies will find satisfaction with the turnkey Express product. Larger companies will achieve efficiency and compliance by utilizing the completely scalable and fully-configurable Enterprise product. Click on the product tab for more information, or to go for a test drive, select “Request A Demo.” Either way, you’ll be on your way to improving the compliance, efficiency, and handling of employee leave absence.