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When are employees Eligible for FMLA?

Am I Eligible for FMLA? Is an employee question that can be answered by a covered company’s leave administrator. In order to answer that question, the leave administrator must know three things. 1) Has the employee worked for the company for at least a year? 2). Has the employee worked for the company at least 1250 hours in the past twelve months? And 3). After subtracting any FMLA time used within the past twelve months, does the employee still have enough time remaining to cover the leave requested? If the answer to these three questions is “yes,” then the employee is eligible for FMLA and the leave time can be made available for a qualifying reason.

Being eligible for FMLA is indicative of a good employee, because in order to be eligible, they need to have been with the company for at least a year, worked a significant number of hours, and not exceeded the available leave time allotment. Providing employees with a quick and accurate eligibility notification, as well as their FMLA rights and responsibilities is a big part of the employers initial compliance requirements. Handling all aspects of an FMLA leave in a timely, accurate and consistent manner is a good way to show the employee that they are appreciated, as well as reducing the possibility of DOL fines or an employee lawsuit. So employers should feel good about employees that are eligible for FMLA.

Employees eligible for FMLA that witness the careful, timely and accurate execution of the FMLA process by a company’s administration, tend to have a far lower incidence rate of leave abuse, tardiness, and or poor work performance. Qcera, Inc. created LeaveSource™ web-based software, more than thirteen years ago, in order to provide a covered company’s leave administrator with the automated organization and workflow efficiency necessary to ensure compliance. And LeaveSource’s administrative compliance extends to the accurate and automated application of all federal and state legislative requirements, as well as the application of any company-specific policies. Upon inquiry, LeaveSource™ provides a leave administrator with the ability to give an immediate response to employees asking if they are eligible for FMLA.

Responding immediately to am I eligible for FMLA questions from employees is just part of the daily worklist presented to leave administrators by LeaveSource™. “Express” assists small companies with a single administrator.Enterprise” assists larger companies, is fully-configurable, and scalable. If seeing a demonstration would be helpful, simply “Request A Demo.” It’s never been so fast and easy to know when an employee is eligible for FMLA.