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What qualifies for Abuse of FMLA?

Abuse of FMLA is on the rise, according to news reports, probably because there is a lot of covered employer confusion about the requirements of FMLA compliance. Especially, due to the layers of confusion created by supplemental state legislative requirements and the recent Supreme Court decision that overturned the definition of marriage, as described in the Defense of Marriage Act. That decision put the definition of marriage squarely on the shoulders of individual states, which due to existing laws could allow for up to twenty-four weeks of leave annually, under the right circumstances. And any type of employer confusion can open the door for the abuse of FMLA laws.

Abuse of FMLA laws, employee dissatisfaction, and leave administration inefficiency, are all indications of a company in need of help with federal FMLA, state, as well as company-specific policy administration. Those needs are exactly what caused Qcera Inc. to be created, more than thirteen years ago. Qcera’s LeaveSource™ web-based, software was created to provide employers of any size, a seamless solution to all applicable policy leaves, with all required communications, notifications, and record keeping in order to be completely compliant. LeaveSource™ eliminates the confusion, dissatisfaction, and potential for abuse of FMLA.

The abuse of FMLA laws is no longer a concern for more than a hundred Qcera clients, who provide leave administration services to more than a million employees on a daily basis. They have found LeaveSource™software to be the ultimate solution for efficient and compliant FMLA and leave administration. Thirteen Fortune 500 Companies are on the Qcera client list and they tend to be our biggest fans and promoters. Instant eligibility notification, timely leave administrator responses, and appropriate communications and notifications are some of the reasons that LeaveSource™ is able to reduce the abuse of FMLA.

Limiting employee abuse of FMLA is just one of the benefits of clients receive from any LeaveSource™ product. LeaveSource™ Express serves the needs of small businesses. LeaveSource™ Enterprise is comprehensive, scalable, and fully-configurable for companies with more than a thousand employees, more than a single leave administrator, and or in need of additional modules capable of providing; disability case management, employee/supervisor self service, ADA job accommodation, or advice to pay services. Click on the product tab in the lower navigation bar that best suits your needs for additional information, or the red “Request A Demo” button for a much more in-depth inspection of LeaveSource™ software capabilities. Don’t let your company fall victim to the abuse of FMLA laws.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software