LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

Absence system is terminology that is becoming more commonplace in today’s business environment, because it addresses the issue of employee absence as a component to a system. Like a set of turning gears, when everything in the system moves well, the company moves well, and when the gears are not turning synchronously, the company has problems, which usually show up in the form of employee dissatisfaction statistics and or leave abuse. An effective absence system promotes employee satisfaction and overall company efficiency. Many covered employers feel that federal FMLA and supplemental state leave requirements have joined together and created a mass of confusion. Many have found solutions with an appropriate absence management system.

More than thirteen years ago, Qcera created LeaveSource™ software to be the ultimate, web-based, absence system manager. More than a million employees are currently administered on a daily basis with this system and at least thirteen Fortune 500 companies are Qcera clients utilizing the system. Compliance concerns for FMLA covered employers continue to increase, due to what seems like daily press reports regarding the Department of Labor’s announcement that they will continue to increase the number and frequency of FMLA-related investigations and audits. Put such concerns behind you, by selecting a LeaveSource™ absence system.

A LeaveSource™ absence system will empower your company’s leave administrators to be current, consistent, and compliant. Leave administrators who utilize LeaveSource™ software will appreciate the organization of the daily worklist, which will keep them on track, on task, and on time with federal, state, and even company-specific policies. LeaveSource™ clients are our biggest fans and promoters. Their recommendations are the basis for many of the unique and highly beneficial features you’ll come to appreciate when utilizing the LeaveSource™ absence system.

Select the LeaveSource absence system product tab that best suits your needs. LeaveSource Express was created for smaller companies with a single leave administrator. LeaveSource Enterprise was created to assist companies with more than a thousand employees, or a multiple number of leave administrators, and or a need for additional modules in order to handle; disability case management, advice to pay, employee/supervisor self-service, or ADA job accommodation tracking. Click on the red “Request A Demo” button to see the absence system in action.