LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

Absence software is rapidly becoming the FMLA solution of choice for many covered employers. Employers are becoming very concerned about announcements that the Department of Labor will be intensifying their efforts with regard to FMLA enforcement, in the form of an increased number of audits, inquiries, and investigations. Large judgments against non-compliant employers and reports that the average cost of FMLA lawsuit defense is nearing $100,000 is not doing anything to reduce employer concerns. So solutions are being considered and absence software is topping the list.

Properly updated absence software will keep a company compliant with federal FMLA, but much of today’s concern centers on the layers of state legislation adding to federal requirements. And the recent decision of the Supreme Court to throw out the Defense of Marriage Act’s  “one man and one woman” definition of marriage has put the definitive responsibility into the hands of individual states. Thirteen states have laws already on the books recognizing same-sex marriage, therefore they must immediately handle federal FMLA application differently and appropriately. Appropriate and automated state-based handling is a must when considering absence software.

Absence software can provide all of the necessary assistance, but in-house software brings issues of security, maintenance, and updating into consideration. Many covered employers find complete satisfaction with Qcera’s web-based LeaveSource™ software. More than a dozen Fortune 500 Companies utilize this software and more than a hundred clients administer more than a million covered employees. LeaveSource™ software provides leave administrators with a daily worklist. Its daily completion ensures compliance with company specific policies, in addition to all state legislative requirements, and all federal FMLA requirements. Clients agree it’s the industries best absence software.

Find the absence software solution for your company, by clicking on the appropriate product tab for more information. LeaveSource™ Express is a turnkey solution for small to medium-sized businesses with a single leave administrator. Companies of any size with multiple leave administrators will find LeaveSource Enterprise to be the ultimate solution. And the LeaveSource™ Entrust outsourcing hybrid is for companies of any size, which would like to initiate the employee leave and keep the company in touch, but not have to deal with any back office duties, such as notifications, ongoing leave communications, or medical certification review through the employee’s return to work. Request a demo, if you’d like to see LeaveSource™ absence software at work.