LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

Absence management service is a business consideration that is becoming more and more popular, in light of news that the Department of Labor will be continuing to increase their annual number of audits and FMLA leave-related investigations. Large dollar judgments going against non-compliant employers, also continue to increase in size and number. Leave administrators are surely finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the seemingly endless modifications being made to FMLA compliance. Whether it be the Supreme Court ruling that gives states the individual ability to determine the definition of marriage, or state legislation that supplements, and in some cases overlaps, federal FMLA. Either way, the layers seem to be providing a great deal of confusion, which can be reduced or eliminated with an appropriate absence management service.

An absence management service can be as simple or elaborate as desired. Qcera’s LeaveSource™  software has been providing covered companies, of literally any size, with a variety of solutions to the compliance dilemma. LeaveSource™  software provides efficient, compliant, and user-friendly leave administration assistance, by keeping leave administrators on time, on track, and on task. Completion of a daily worklist, on the part of leave administrators ensures timely, accurate, and compliant handling of leave administration duties, as they apply to federal and state, as well as company-specific policies. And don’t think that expense will prevent you from appreciating a quality absence management service.

An appropriate absence management service is an asset, not an expense. LeaveSource™  software pays for itself through; employees who feel their leave request has been handled in a timely and professional manner, leave administrators empowered to be far more efficient than ever before, and a company-wide satisfaction that can be contagious. Companies with leave administration problems most always have higher employee dissatisfaction and leave abuse statistics. Thirteen Fortune 500 Companies utilize LeaveSource™  and would confirm that it’s a valuable absence management service.

LeaveSource’s absence management service is called Entrust. It integrates LeaveSource™  software with complete back office administration. This outsourcing hybrid allows your HR department to maintain the day-to-day, face-to-face employee contact required to avoid the “employee disconnect” frequently reported as the biggest problem with standard leave administration outsourcing. “Request a Demo” or click on the product tab you feel most closely describes your company or situation. Express is a turnkey application for small businesses and Enterprise is leave administration software assistance for larger companies. Choose LeaveSource™  for your absence management service.