Choose the LeaveSource™ Software Solution that is Right for Your Business



LeaveSource Enterprise - FMLA and Leave Solutions

More than 1000 employees
Variable access/ function levels
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LeaveSource Express - FMLA and Leave Solutions

Less than 1000 employees Single Administration
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LeaveSource Entrust - FMLA and Leave Solutions

Transparent Administration Outsourced Back Office
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Reasons why LeaveSource™ FMLA and Leave Administrator Solutions are a Smart Idea.

LeaveSource™ software was created to turn the cost and potential liability of Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and
state-related leave management regulation into an asset for covered employers of any size.

Accurate, compliant and consistent handling of
employee leave manangement provides:
More productive employees
More efficient administrative personnel
Helps indicate employee leave abuse
Saves legal fees and hassles
Failure to comply with FMLA regulations opens the door for:

Malcontent and less productive employees
Potential for investigations and fines
Greater possibilities for leave abuse
Lawsuit expenses that average $80k per case
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