FMLA in Wisconsin is a frequent source of employer confusion, due to a state legislation called the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act (WFMLA). Although, as with any other state that has created legislation regarding elements of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, as long as an employer applies the laws individually and completely, there is no real cause for confusion. No state law can limit the federal protection granted by FMLA, but they can enhance or supplement under guidelines provisioned. And if there is ever confusion and no legal advice available, the most prudent course is to err in favor of the employees greatest benefit.

Federal FMLA in Wisconsin is supplemented by state WFMLA provisions, particularly in that covered employers must allow employees of either sex up to six (6) weeks of leave in a calendar year for the birth or adoption of a child, and up to two (2) weeks of leave in a calendar year for the care of a child, spouse, parent, domestic partner, or parent of a domestic partner with a serious health condition. Compliance requirements with federal FMLA in Wisconsin, as well as WFMLA, and even company-specific leave policies are seamlessly integrated into Qcera’s LeaveSource software product line.

FMLA in Wisconsin is a business concern due to successful lawsuits recently brought against non-compliant employers. It’s not a secret that DOL investigations and audits are scheduled to increase and some FMLA lawsuits have already seen awards tip the scales at eight figures. Additionally, it was recently reported that the average cost for legal defense, win or lose, in an FMLA case is approaching $80,000. The best defense against all of this is a proven, cost-effective and well-orchestrated administrative system. Don’t let FMLA in Wisconsin be a four-letter word.

Compliance with FMLA in Wisconsin has been provided, since the turn of the century, by Qcera’s web-based and secure LeaveSource™ software products. Companies of any size can utilize Qcera’s absence management products for delivery of compliant, cost-effective, and well-documented leave administration assistance. More than a hundred employers, administering more than a million employees, continue to experience effective, efficient, and user-friendly assistance from Qcera. Visit the website at or request a demonstration by clicking on the red button above.