The Best of Absence Tracking

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Absence tracking among employers is receiving much more attention lately. The Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has been on the books since 1993, but a number of seven-figure judgments were recently handed down to a group of employers determined to be non-compliant. Recent reports indicate that DOL audits and investigations are on the rise and the Supreme Court’s June 26, 2013 ruling to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act’s definition of marriage, due to being unfair and unconstitutional, has immediately put additional requirements on covered employers having employees living within the thirteen states that recognize same-sex marriage. In addition, it was recently disclosed that the average cost to an employer, to defend against a FMLA lawsuit, is almost $80,000 win or lose, making FMLA leave management and absence tracking a primary business concern.

The importance of absence tracking was realized by Qcera, Inc. back in the late nineties, so they created a focused and effective, web-based FMLA and leave management software tool to help covered companies become compliant quickly and easily. Qcera’s LeaveSource product line has undergone constant customer-suggested feature improvements, that today prove them to be the industry leader. With more than a hundred clients, administering more than a million employees, LeaveSource web-based software has made legislative requirements of FMLA and absence tracking simple to accommodate and extremely cost-effective.

Absence tracking for employers with less than a thousand employees can simplify compliance with LeaveSource™ Express, a fully configured and easy to implement solution. Employers with a greater number of employees or needing additional modules to handle employee/supervisor self-service, ADA job accommodation tracking, advice to pay, or disability management will find the ultimate solution in LeaveSourc™e Enterprise. Either way, absence tracking is a concern of the past.

If your company would like to have your HR staff focus on personnel issues and be relieved of back end absence tracking administrative duties, but not experience the employee “disconnect” reported by many employers with regard to FMLA outsourcing, then consider the hybrid LeaveSource™ Entrust solution. Your staff continues the across-the-board, face-to-face handling of employees, while maintaining complete administrative transparency, with absence tracking and back office functions being handled by the experts at Qcera.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software