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Absence tracking system is a term that more and more employers are finding to be a useful and necessary tool when navigating the tumultuous waters of FMLA compliance. Since the Family Medical Leave Act was signed in 1993, a growing number of states have added to the list of employee leave tracking requirements. And the June 26, 2013 Supreme Court ruling that gave individual states the power to define marriage in their state is only the tip of a moving target. The result has been confusion in many cases, but with a number of six-figure awards going to employees winning non-compliance lawsuits, ignorance has not proven to be a valid defense. So an automated, updated and economical absence tracking system has become the most attractive option on the market.

LeaveSource™ software by Qcera is a web-based absence tracking system that has risen to the top of the industry, as far as many are concerned. The software was originally created in 2000, for the exclusive purpose of providing employers of any size with a user-friendly tool, capable of achieving and keeping up with FMLA and state regulatory compliance, as well as company-specific policies. Constant upgrades of the LeaveSource™ absence tracking system, based upon their own experiences during usage, as well as client recommendations, have created a highly useful software that is feature-rich and also requires little to no “workarounds” as described by users of other competing systems.

In addition, the LeaveSource™ absence tracking system has a comprehensive standard reporting package that clients can use to identify and manage potential areas of common leave abuse. LeaveSource™ Express offers companies with less than a thousand employees and a single leave administrator, a simple, turnkey solution to all the needs of an absence tracking system. If the company has more employees, more administrators, or simply needs access to more service modules, to handle ADA job accommodation or disability case management as an example, then LeaveSource™ Enterprise is the answer.

LeaveSource™ offers the epitome of an absence tracking system.  LeaveSource™ Express or Enterprise will free up your administrative staff in order to take care of their primary responsibilities, managing people. Meanwhile, LeaveSource™ Entrust service provides complete back office leave administration with complete transparency, allowing client administration to be completely informed, completely compliant, and completely in control of their absence tracking system. Don’t just consider an absence tracking system. Choose to sign up for the best.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software