Best Practices of Absence Management Software

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Absence management software has become a more popular employer tool recently, in light of a flurry of six-figure judgments against employers found to be non-compliant with 1993 Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) mandates. And the Supreme Court’s June 26, 2013 ruling to strike the Defense of Marriage Act’s definition of marriage and make it the responsibility of individual states is just the tip of this moving target. So it’s good to know that LeaveSource software seamlessly updates and integrates changes, while your administration goes about their regular duties. Your staff remains compliant by handling their daily tasks. The process can’t be made any easier by any other absence management software. All while the robust reporting assortment available from Qcera’s LeaveSource absence management software provides keen insight to employee absence trends, as well as potential issues of abuse.

Federal and state requirements, as well as company policies, are seamlessly integrated into and then applied by the LeaveSource absence management software solution. As company and legislative policy changes continue to occur, seamless software updates ensure that LeaveSource clients will be kept current and compliant. There are now more than four hundred and fifty federal and state regulations with a direct effect on the functional requirements of absence management software. And more are sure to come.

Absence management software must also be secure, that’s why LeaveSource™ software goes to extreme lengths with security audits, intrusion detection programs, and data encryption in transit and at rest. The SaaS delivery method also ensures that clients will have no involvement or concerns with hosting, updates, or system maintenance. Years of unblemished success has placed Qcera’s LeaveSource™ software at the pinnacle of the absence management software industry.

Companies needing absence management software solutions and having less than a thousand employees will find LeaveSource™ Express to be a simple and effective solution. Simply click here for further information on Express. If your company has more than a thousand employees, or requires additional assistance with related services, like advice to pay, disability case management, or ADA job accommodation tracking, then click here for additional information on the LeaveSource™ Enterprise solution. If your company could benefit from the additional assistance of complete back office support by the knowledgeable leave management experts in Qcera administration, while still having transparent access to the LeaveSource™ absence management software system, click here.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software