LeaveSource™ Enterprise FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ Enterprise FMLA Software

Qcera’s LeaveSource™ Enterprise software is a powerful and robust administrative tool, designed to help companies with more than a thousand employees to come into compliance with the ever-growing cacophony of FMLA and state related regulations pertaining to employee leave administration. Or smaller companies requiring a greater number of administrators, or a greater range of additional service modules. Moreover, in addition to achieving, maintaining, and documenting required regulatory compliance, Enterprise software actually enables administrators to save the company time and money, by utilizing compliance by-products that reduce leave abuse and increase employee productivity.

LeaveSource™ Enterprise is delivered in the Software as a Service model, in order to reduce company costs, management requirements, and updating timeliness. In other words, there is no need for an employer to be concerned with the time and expense of hosting, maintenance, or regulatory updating. At the same time, Qcera uses a multi-layered approach to protect all client information, with constant monitoring, testing and evaluating of the application, systems, and processes to meet the growing challenges and demands of security.

Many of our clients claim that the Enterprise system is an administrative tool that they couldn’t do without. Qcera has been utilizing the Enterprise system and providing back end leave management services, since 2000. Our own experience, combined with very active client collaboration, has created a sophisticated software that addresses many of the annoying and time consuming difficulties associated with alternative products. These difficulties typically result in “workarounds” that cost time and unnecessary effort.

FMLA and employee leave management administration is generally considered a cumbersome and confusing arena. But by staying focused on our core purpose, utilizing feedback and recommendations from our clients, and constantly striving to be the best solution available, clients using LeaveSource™ Enterprise software remain our greatest fans and promoters.

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