FMLA in Oregon is supplemented by the Oregon Family Leave Law (OFLL), which to the greatest extent possible strives to be consistent with federal FMLA. However, there are some obvious differences. For example, covered employers with regard to Oregon’s law applies to employers with 25 or more employees. An employee must have worked at least 180 days, and averaged 25 hours per week at the time medical leave is requested. Qualifying relatives listed under care of a family member with a serious health condition also includes grandchildren, grandparents, and parent-in-laws. So the OFLL version of FMLA in Oregon applies to a greater number of employers, reduces work qualification eligibility, and makes leave available for care of a greater number of qualifying relatives.

The OFLL version of FMLA in Oregon also puts greater requirements on the employee. For example: notice of intent to take leave must be given to employer as soon as practicable; if possible, notice must be provided 30 days in advance; the request for leave must be in writing; and in case of emergency, an oral request confirmed in writing within 3 days is acceptable. Also, the OFLL version of FMLA in Oregon says that an employer may require verification of medical leave that exceeds 3 workdays.

FMLA in Oregon, as with employers of other states that supplement federal FMLA, occasionally complain that the laws are confusing. But in the absence of legal counsel, the most prudent course of action is to always apply the laws individually and completely. If confusion still prevails, then to be safe, choose the scenario that gives greatest benefit to the employee. A number of recent awards against non-compliant employers have reached six-figures, and the average cost to defend against an FMLA lawsuit is approaching $80,000 regardless of outcome. So FMLA in Oregon is serious business.

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