LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

FMLA in Florida is governed by the federal Family & Medical Leave Act, signed into law by President Clinton, in 1993. Unlike many states, Florida did not legislate a large number of supplemental laws to the federal requirements provided by FMLA. The only exception is in the case of domestic violence. The Florida Domestic Violence Leave Law states that employers with at least 50 employees must make available up to 3 days of leave, within a 12-month period, to eligible employees who are the victim of domestic or sexual violence, or have a family or household member who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence, in order for them to: seek an injunction, relocate or make the home more secure, get medical care or counseling, seek legal assistance, or get assistance from a shelter, victim’s rights group, or rape crisis center. This is the only family related law outside of federal FMLA in Florida.

In spite of the lack of supplemental laws, covered employers frequently complain of difficulties with compliance to FMLA in Florida. But recent seven and eight-figure awards in FMLA lawsuits, combined with reports that the Department of Labor is stepping up the frequency and intensity of annual audits and investigations, has covered employers scrambling for assurances regarding compliance with FMLA in Florida.

The fact of the matter is that compliance with FMLA in Florida is as simple as the implementation of a LeaveSource™ FMLA and leave administration, cloud-based, software system. For more than thirteen years, Qcera Inc. has made available a user-friendly, cost-effective, and fully compliant leave administration tool that ensures a covered employers compliance with federal, state, and even company-specific policies and requirements. FMLA in Florida is not required to be a four-letter word.

LeaveSource™ Express can have a company operationally compliant with FMLA in Florida, within less than two weeks, if they have a single leave administrator and less than a thousand employees. LeaveSource™ Enterprise can help to accomplish compliance for companies with multiple administrators and/or more than a thousand employees. And LeaveSource™ Entrust can provide HR with access to the same great software and handle all back office duties including certifications, mailings, and notifications. Check out the “Products” tab in the navigation bar. Or to make arrangements for a demonstration, select “Request A Demo.” Regardless of the product selected, concern with FMLA in Florida will quickly become a memory.