LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software

California medical leave is becoming a critical concern for many covered employers in the state. A number of legislative Acts come into play when considering this topic. First are federal requirements of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Another component is the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and finally is the California Pregnancy Disability Leave Act (PDL). Due to the fact that California is one of only thirteen states to recognize same-sex marriage, it is now incumbent upon covered employers in California to immediately handle an FMLA request for care of a spouse, in the exact same manner in every case, based on the Supreme Court ruling that made individual states responsible for defining marriage. Now, FMLA and CFRA both recognize an employee’s spouse in a same-sex marriage as a qualified “care for” member with regard to California medical leave under either Act.

A number of reports are out, adding to California medical leave concerns for covered employers. The Department of Labor has announced plans to intensify the number and frequency of upcoming audits, inquiries, and investigations. And meanwhile, business journals are reporting large judgments against employers found to be out of compliance with FMLA and legal journals are reporting that the average cost of legal defense in a FMLA lawsuit is approaching $100,000 regardless of the ultimate decision. These reports are putting new scrutiny on state and federal compliance requirements for California medical leave.

Proper handling of California medical leave by a covered employer, typically during a stressful time for the employee, goes a long way to creating an employee that is more loyal, harder working, and less-inclined to abuse the benefits of FMLA. Likewise, an employer who doesn’t do a good job with an employee’s medical leave process, will typically see inversed results. So, besides the potential liability generated by handling FMLA requests poorly, there are indeed benefits to proper handling which can include increased employee performance, improved company morale, and greater administrative efficiency. So employers are encouraged to make the best of an employee’s California medical leave.

Many employer’s successful with the handling of California medical leave attribute their success to the administrative assistance of Qcera’s web-deployed application called LeaveSource™. More than a dozen Fortune 500 Companies appreciate the organization provided by LeaveSource™ Enterprise. But you don’t have to be large to appreciate the benefits of proper FMLA handling, as well as state compliance and even company-specific policy compliance. LeaveSource™ does it all. And LeaveSource™ Express can help a smaller company become compliant quickly. Click on a product tab or take a good look by requesting a demo. But choose to let LeaveSource™ help your company take advantage of the proper handling of California medical leave.