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Necessary Features of ADA and FMLA Solutions

ADA and FMLA are acronyms that have been causing consternation among covered employers recently. Generally speaking, ADA job accommodation and tracking can present a substantial challenge for larger employers. And FMLA is reported to be incredibly confusing for employers of any size. But indications are that the Department of Labor is increasing the number and frequency of its’ audits and investigations. At the same time, there seems to be a crescendo of seven and even eight-figure judgments coming through against employers found to be out of compliance with FMLA. But requirements are strict for both ADA and FMLA.

Application, tracking, and documentation are important to ADA and FMLA. Both have significant requirements, but FMLA in particular has become confusing to employers due to the reams of legislation being generated by individual states in an effort to enhance the benefits and or coverage of federal FMLA. When combined with the Supreme Court decision to rule out the definition of marriage as presented by the Defense of Marriage Act, it becomes painfully apparent that individual states have and will continue to have a greater effect on the application of federal requirements.

The tracking requirements for ADA and FMLA, as well as their documentation are critical issues. Qcera Inc. had the foresight back in the late 90’s to realize the confusion and operational hassle that could be created as state and federal requirements converged. So they set out to create a web-based software application that could handle all of the state and federal legislative requirements and present it to a leave administrator in the form of a daily worklist, that when completed ensured all levels of compliance. The LeaveSource™ software product has now done that for more than thirteen years and because of it, more than a dozen Fortune 500 Companies no longer have compliance concerns with ADA and FMLA.

ADA and FMLA are necessities of business, as is compliance. LeaveSource™ Enterprise software offers covered companies of any size, the ultimate compliance solution. For more information, click on the Enterprise tab below or the “Products” tab above. However, if you would like a demonstration, in order to see the software in action, just click on the red “Request A Demo” button and say goodbye to concerns with ADA and FMLA.

LeaveSource™ - Industry Leading FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ – Industry Leading FMLA Software