FMLA in Vermont is supplemented by Vermont’s Parental and Family Leave Law (VPFL). As with other states that have legislatively created state laws related to federal FMLA, some employers within the state feel confused. But as long as the laws are applied completely and independently of each other, there should be no reason for confusion. The applications may run concurrently, but the VPFL law separates covered employer requirements into two categories. Employees can qualify for parental leave if their employer has at least ten employees and employees can qualify for family leave if their employer has at least 15 employees. In both cases, they need to have been employed for twelve months and worked at least thirty hours a week.

FMLA in Vermont has all federal requirements, however in April 2000, the Vermont legislature enacted a law allowing homosexual couples to enter into “civil unions.” Which is similar to a marriage in all but name, a civil union provides to same-sex partners in Vermont “all the same benefits, protections, and responsibilities under law as granted to spouses in a marriage.” Specifically, the terms of VPFL law apply to partners in a civil union just the same as they do to married couples. So the VPFL version of FMLA in Vermont provides for the “protections and responsibilities of spouses” which shall apply “in like manner to parties to a civil union.” And on June 26, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court struck the definition of marriage within the Defense of Marriage Act and left that determination in the hands of the individual states. Therefore, every couple legally married and living in the state, must be treated the same, regarding all applications of federal FMLA in Vermont.

FMLA in Vermont has become an important business matter, in light of recent six figure judgments regarding non-compliant covered employers. It’s also become clear that neither misunderstanding nor ignorance are viable legal defenses in federal or state cases. And the $80,000 price tag, win or lose, that was recently reported as a typical cost to defend against a FMLA-related lawsuit makes compliance that much more urgent. FMLA in Vermont does not need to be a four letter word. Simple and reliable solutions are available.

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