FMLA in New Hampshire is supplemented by state legislation. Specifically, New Hampshire law provides time off for employees that are temporarily unable to work or disabled due to pregnancy. If it is found that more than one law applies, then the employee may elect to use the one that provides the greatest benefit. All other benefits, qualifications and requirements draw from federal FMLA in New Hampshire.

FMLA in New Hampshire was directly modified by the June 26, 2013, U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down the definition of marriage as described in the Defense of Marriage Act. The Court determined that the definition was not only unfair, but unconstitutional. This landmark decision has sent a tremor through the business community on a number of different levels, not the least of which is FMLA. The Court gave individual states the power to define marriage within their state. This means that New Hampshire, as one of the states already recognizing same-sex marriage, has the immediate need to apply the state’s definition of marriage to FMLA. Therefore, effective immediately, any couple legally married and living in the state of New Hampshire must be treated exactly the same, as far as all qualifications, requirements and benefits of FMLA in New Hampshire can be applied.

FMLA in New Hampshire is sure to see further modifications and clarifications, which is already causing some confusion within the ranks of covered employers. But recent six and seven figure awards levied against non-compliant employers continues to make it clear that neither ignorance or confusion will suffice as a valid FMLA lawsuit defense. Legal counsel is the best resource, but in its absence prudence requires that when given a choice, the employee receive the greatest benefit from the application of FMLA in New Hampshire.

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