FMLA in Maine requires that an employee work for the excusing company for at least 12 months in a row. It requires employers with 15 or more workers and all public agencies to provide up to 10 weeks of unpaid but job-protected leave, if:  a worker or the worker’s child, parent, spouse, domestic partner, domestic partner’s child, or worker’s sibling has a serious condition; a child is born to the worker or domestic partner; a child of 16 or less is placed for adoption with the worker or domestic partner;  the worker is donating an organ for a human organ transplant; the worker’s spouse, domestic partner, parent or child, or sibling who is a member of the state military forces or U.S. Armed Forces dies or incurs a serious health condition while on active duty.

FMLA in Maine differs less than many other state’s FMLA regulations when compared to federal FMLA requirements. Nevertheless, confusion is a frequent result whenever two different legislative entities apply regulations to the same employee condition. And whenever confusion occurs on the part of a covered employer, in the absence of legal counsel, the most prudent application is the one that most benefits the employee. Particularly, in light of recent large dollar judgments against covered employers, who failed to follow federal FMLA requirements. In addition, legal defense costs have continued to increase, so win or lose, the cost of defense alone makes investment in a compliant leave administration system a viable consideration. Especially, one that handles; federal FMLA, and FMLA in Maine, as well as individual company leave policies.

FMLA in Maine was directly affected by the June 26, 2013 Supreme Court ruling that struck down DOMA’s definition of marriage. The Court left it up to the State to define marriage and in Maine, same-sex marriage has been approved. So if a same-sex couple were married and live in Maine, they must be treated exactly the same as a married couple of different sexes, when it comes to application of federal FMLA. Los Angeles-based Qcera Inc. has been helping covered employers of any size, with all types of absence administration compliance including FMLA in Maine, since the turn of the century. Qcera’s LeaveSource™ product line provides an efficient and secure, cloud-based leave management system that is cost-effective and user friendly. Changing legislative requirements are seamlessly updated in a timely fashion, whether originating federally or within the state. If your company is looking for assistance with FMLA in Maine, or compliant leave administration in general, then you owe it to yourself to check out Qcera’s proven solutions at or simply request a demonstration by clicking on the red button above.