FMLA in Rhode Island is supplemented by the Rhode Island Parental and Family Medical Leave Act (RIPFML). As with other states that have created ancillary legislation, the Act is not meant to replace the application of federal FMLA. As long as the laws are applied separately and completely, there is no reason for confusion or misunderstanding. If such a situation does occur, the most prudent decision is to seek legal counsel and in its absence, to utilize the applicable law that gives greatest benefit to the employee. If an employee is entitled to a leave benefit under both federal (FMLA) and FMLA in Rhode Island (RIPFML) laws, the leave periods will run concurrently.

FMLA in Rhode Island, unlike federal FMLA, includes mother-in-law and father-in-law on the list available for care provisions under the Act (RIPFML). Also, the Rhode Island law expands covered employers to include any city or town or municipal agency that employs thirty (30) or more employees. As mentioned before, as long as the laws are applied separately and to their full extent, Rhode Island’s supplementation can provide additional benefits to an employee, under certain conditions. And on June 26, 2013,  the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act definition of marriage and left that determination in the hands of individual states. Therefore, any couple legally married and living in Rhode Island must be treated the same, under applicable FMLA qualifications and benefits, regardless of either spouses sex. But leave administration solutions are available and FMLA in Rhode Island does not have to be a four letter word.

Like many other states with supplemental legislation to federal FMLA, some covered employers find the cacophony of laws confusing. Both federal and state compliance laws regarding FMLA in Rhode Island can be easily, automatically, and efficiently applied by Qcera’s LeaveSource™ software products, which were created to assist any size company in compliant leave administration. More than a hundred clients administering more than a million employees have found Qcera’s fully secure and cloud-based software to be the ultimate compliance solution for federal, state and even company-specific leave policy administration. A simple administrative solution for FMLA in Rhode Island is only a click away.

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