LeaveSource™ Express - FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ Express FMLA Software

LeaveSource™ Express is a fully configured version of LeaveSource™ software designed to help small and mid-sized employers, with a single leave administrator, to become and remain compliant with FMLA and state legislative requirements, as well as company-specific policies.

Years of fine-tuning have resulted in a product that many clients claim to be an absolutely necessary management tool. The reason for this opinion stems from the fact that Qcera has been utilizing LeaveSource™ software and providing back end leave management services, since 2000. This experience combined with years of active client collaboration has identified the features that fostered the creation of this turnkey software eliminating many of the difficulties associated with alternative FMLA and leave management software products. Having used some of these competing products, our clients tell us that they typically needed to come up with a “workaround” that required time and unnecessary effort.

LeaveSource™ Express incorporates sophisticated features, typically available only to larger employers, into a web-hosted software that significantly reduces the total cost of ownership, while providing leave administrators with a user-friendly tool that ensures fair, accurate, and consistent application, according to FMLA and state legislative requirements. A complete list of Express features can be found here. But suffice it to say that LeaveSource™ Express provides all the necessary elements to ensure an easy, organized, and yet robust, FMLA leave administration tool.

Leave administrators who keep up with their daily worklist will ensure their company’s timely, accurate, and fully-compliant FMLA leave management. And diligent use of the robust standard reporting menu allows administrators to be proactive with regard to tricks, traits, and trends involving FMLA abuse. Startup on LeaveSource™ Express is also quick and easy. New clients can be up and running within as little as a few hours.

Express features include:
Securely Hosted SaaS Web ApplicationSOC1 Audit Approved FMLA SaaS Provider
Centralized Intake and Administration of All AbsencesLeave Administrators Dashboard is in complete control
FMLA, State, and Employer Specific Policy AdministrationTimely updates ensure federal, state, and company compliance
Care of Service Member and Covered Exigency Leave ManagementIntegrated and automated administration
Continuous, Intermittent, and Reduced Schedule Leave ManagementAdministrator’s Daily WorkList incorporates all leave management
Instant Leave Eligibility Determination, Explanation, and NotificationImmediate calculations for all active employees
Comprehensive Audit Trail of All Administrative EntriesComplete employee file printout, if needed
Administrative Emails of Task Reminders Without Logging InLeaveSource’s automated assistant will not let Administrator forget
User-Friendly Administrative Navigation & Configurable Home PageLeave Administrator can customize and personalize
Daily Workflow Area with Reminders, Alerts, and To-Do TasksAutomated assistant keeps Administrator informed and on track
Automated Letters, Packets, and EmailsCommunications are automatically available to view, print, and send upon Administrative entry completion
Robust Standard Reporting PackageComprehensive package of more than 40 pre-defined reports with parameters
Insurance Premium Payment AdministrationManage and track premium collections, includes communications and payment coupons
STD and Workers Compensation TrackingFlag and track short term disability and workers compensation leaves
Fair and Accurate Record Keeping with Reduced Litigation RiskAccurate and timely Administrative actions create required audit trail
Software Updates to Changes in FMLA, Military, or State RegulationsAutomatic integration of updated compliance processes
Regular Maintenance Updates and New Feature ReleasesRegular integration of feature and maintenance upgrades
Backup and Disaster Recovery ServicesRedundant system with automated recovery
Ongoing Support by QceraPre-launch training and a HelpDesk response within 24 hours of inquiry
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